2023 Summer Session

2023 Summer Session - July 27, 2023 - Building Up and Building Out

About MMASC's Summer Session

Summer Session is one of the premier annual events provided by MMASC and its partners. This one-day in-person conference includes professional development sessions on important topics facing the profession. Learn new tools and best practices that will help you continue to excel and lead, and make connections with colleagues throughout Southern California.


The Centre on Centre Pointe Parkway
20880 Centre Pointe Parkway
Santa Clarita, CA 91350


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8:30 AM

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9:00 AM

Welcome & Introductions

Speaker: Frank Oviedo (Assistant City Manager, City of Santa Clarita)

9:15 AM

Blueprints for Success: Constructing the Next Generation of Leaders

Step into the architect's role and shape the future of local governments, amidst the rising tide of the Silver Tsunami. In this post-COVID era, unlock the secrets of two extraordinary programs meticulously crafted for aspiring public servants. Discover two separate programs, each dedicated to increasing student awareness of local government career opportunities, offering immersive work-based learning experiences to current college and graduate students.

Our mission is crystal clear to attract and empower the next generation of public servants, while seamlessly constructing a solid foundation for succession planning. Together, let's embark on this transformative journey and craft a brighter future for our communities. The time is now to join us in shaping the blueprint for success!

Moderator: Jonathan Royas (MMASC Director of Finance and Management Analyst, City of Santa Paula)

Panelist: PJ Gagajena (Assistant City Manager, City of Moorpark and ICMA Student Chapter Advisor, MPPA Program, California Lutheran University), Kristi Hobrecker (Human Resources Director, City of Santa Clarita), Kelsey Bealer (Administrative Analyst, City of Santa Clarita), and Sabith Kahn, PhD, MPPA (Program Director and Assistant Professor, School of Management, and ICMA Student Chapter Advisor, California Lutheran University)

10:15 AM

Building Stronger Communities: Unveiling Financing Tools for Growth

Embark on a public service journey, as we unveil the financing tools that lay the foundation for stronger communities. Explore the dynamic realm of financing infrastructure and development, with a spotlight on the transformative capabilities of Community Facilities Districts and Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts.

Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable tale of the City of La Verne, as they pioneered the first-ever Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District in Los Angeles County. Discover how this visionary initiative propelled the rapid build-out of their bustling transit district and downtown, bringing their architectural aspirations to life.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to gain insights into the intricate art of financing for growth. Together, let's reveal tools for financial growth and empower communities to construct a brighter future.

Moderator: Lindsay McElwain (Management Analyst, City of Rancho Cucamonga)

Panelist: Eric Scherer (Community Development Director, City of La Verne) and Joe Dieguez (Managing Partner, Kosmont Companies)
11:30 AM

Expanding Horizons: Insights into New Housing Laws Under One Roof

Recent state legislation has unveiled a new design for housing and land use laws, reshaping the landscape of cities across California. Join us for a vital legislative update that will equip you with the necessary tools to navigate the impacts of these regulations. Discover how to seamlessly integrate the changes, unlock opportunities, and design vibrant communities that embrace both market-rate and affordable housing. Let's collectively shape the blueprint for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

ModeratorChris Castruita (MMASC Director of Programming and Project Manager, City of Monrovia) 

Panelist: Isaac Rosen and Abe Galvan Sanchez (Best Best & Krieger)
12:00 PM

Lunch Break: Feeding Minds, Fueling Creativity

1:00 PM

Building Ethical Infrastructure: Nurturing a Political Culture of Integrity

Explore the journey of an organization dedicated to improving the local political culture and enhancing relationships with appointed and elected officials. Join us as we delve into strategies for building a solid ethical infrastructure, fostering a political culture rooted in integrity. Discover how to navigate the dynamics of local government, develop rapport with political officials, and shape a brighter future through ethical governance. Let's come together and nurture a political culture that reflects our commitment to excellence and integrity in the public sector.

Moderator: Greg Kwolek (MMASC Vice President and Director of Public Works, City of Morro Bay)

Domenica Megerdician (Deputy City Manager, City of South Pasadena), Luis Frausto (Management Services Director, City of South Pasadena), Tamara Binns (Assistant to the City Manager, City of South Pasadena), Mary Jerejian (Management Analyst, City of South Pasadena) and Sean Faye (Administrative Secretary and Staff liaison to Library Board of Trustees)
2:00 PM

MMASC Executive Board Nominations & Business Meeting

Leaders Wanted: Join the MMASC Executive Board of Directors!

Don’t miss your chance to shape the future of our profession. The MMASC Bylaws & Elections Committee is now accepting nominations for positions on the MMASC Executive Board of Directors. Share your vision, inspire others, and express your interest in serving during this open nomination's session. Seize this opportunity to be a leader and make a lasting impact in our profession.

Nominations will close at the conclusion of the session, paving the way for a captivating business presentation.

Presenter: MMASC By-Laws and Elections Committee

3:00 PM

Building Bridges: Networking Break

3:15 PM

City Management Foundations: Using Relationships to Design a Career Path

In the realm of local government, building a successful career path extends beyond technical expertise. Aspiring leaders must construct a strong network of mentors and advocates to navigate their journey, uncover blind spots, and overcome barriers. Join us for a transformative session where a distinguished panel of City Managers will engage in a candid discussion about their own relationship-building experiences. Discover how they forged connections that accelerated their personal and professional growth, propelling them to become the accomplished leaders they are today.

Unlock the secrets of relationship-driven success in city management as these seasoned professionals share invaluable insights. Embrace this opportunity to plan your own career path, leveraging the power of meaningful connections. Join us on this journey toward building strong foundations for a prosperous future in local government.

Moderator: Henry Garcia (Transtech, Interim City Manager, City of Rialto)

Panelist: Alma Martinez (City Manager, City of El Monte), Andrew Powers (City Manager, City of Thousand Oaks), and David Wilson (City Manager, City of West Hollywood)
4:15 PM

Closing Remarks

 SpeakerKen Striplin (City Manager, City of Santa Clarita)
4:30 PM

Raising The Roof: Building Connections Networking Mixer

Hosted By MMASC Region 5 & Sponsored By Transtechtranstech

Contact Information

For questions or more information, please contact the Summer Session Co-Chairs at summersession@mmasc.org.