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MMASC 2020 Partnership Agreement

  1. MMASC-logo-horizontal.png
  2. Municipal Management Association of Southern California (MMASC)
    MMASC has more than 800 public and private sector members in local government agencies, special districts, and companies serving over 22 million residents throughout Southern California. A high percentage of MMASC members have gone on to become City Managers or top-level executives in local government throughout California. Therefore, MMASC offers unique opportunities to establish longstanding relationships with the current and future leaders of local government through its Partnership Program.
  3. 2020 MMASC Partnership Program
    The 2020 MMASC Program is designed to afford Partners maximum visibility and capitalize on opportunities to meet and network with potential clients and customers. MMASC conducts at least 32 regional events over the course of the year, 4 signature organization-wide annual events, and recognizes Partners in its eNewsletter and on its website. To ensure that each Partner receives the maximum level of exposure, the number of partnerships at each sponsorship level is limited. We are entering our 65th year as the premier local government organization and hope you’re a part of it. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!
  5. Preferred form of Communication
  6. Partner will support MMASC from Agreement Date through December 31, 2020 at the Sponsorship Level selected below.
  7. Sponsorship Levels and Fees
  8. Other Sponsorship Opportunities
    Please contact me on any of the following additional sponsorship opportunities (Please check as many boxes as needed):
  9. Your company ad will be used in the Annual Conference Program as per the sponsorship packet. Please provide in .jpg format
  10. Your company logo will be posted on the MMASC website and used in a variety of documents as noted on the sponsorship packet. Please provide a high resolution image (minimum 300 dpi) in either .eps, .jpg or .png format, preferably 4".
  11. MMASC will supply the benefits identified in the MMASC 2019 Partnership Brochure for the selected Sponsorship Level. Benefits are subject to change.
  12. Partner may elect less than all of the benefits identified for the selected Sponsorship Level but the Sponsor Fee will not be adjusted.
  13. Under no circumstances will MMASC be liable to Partner for any amount greater than the amount paid by the Partner. Sponsorships will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis. For consideration as a Partner, an electronically signed Agreement must be submitted online. Award of a Sponsorship designation will be final on receipt of Sponsor Fee by MMASC. MMASC reserves the right to decline a Partner for any good faith reason.
  14. The Partner understands that contributions may be tax deductible (please consult your tax professional).
  15. Critical Information
    MMASC will determine content, size, and placement of all signage. Each sponsor will supply its logo in .eps, .pdf or .jpeg format in 300 dpi to accommodate various signage applications.
  16. Payment in full be required before MMASC will commit to providing any listed benefit. Checks can be made out to MMASC and mailed to MMASC, 950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630.
  17. Each individual receiving a complimentary event registration must complete and submit to MMASC a Partner Registration Form for that event.
    By electronic signing this form, you agree to the above agreement.
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