Am I eligible for membership in MMASC?
Membership in MMASC is reserved for the following individuals:

Full Members: anyone employed in a position assisting in the management of governmental agencies in Southern California, except Chief Administrative Officer. Assistants who work in public agencies other than municipalities are encouraged to join MMASC. This includes persons in County, State, and Federal governments; colleges and universities; regional governments; legislative assistant positions; special districts, and other governmental agencies.

Student Members: full-time students for whom school is their primary activity. Full-time employees of local governments (or other organizations) are not eligible for student membership.

Business Members: individuals who are interested in promoting the purposes of MMASC and ineligible for full membership. MMASC Business Members include our corporate partners, consultants, and other non-local government professionals.

Honorary Members: individuals who are current, former, or retired Chief Administrative Officers or City Managers of any municipality in one of the eight (8) MMASC Southern California regions.

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1. Am I eligible for membership in MMASC?
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