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This Member Spotlight blog highlights MMASC members to show the variety of professionals that make up the organization. In just 10 quick questions, you can get to know your fellow MMASC colleagues. Are you interested in filling out a Member Spotlight form? Click here to fill one out.

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Aug 31

Member Spotlight with Ana Fernandez - 8/31/2012

Posted on August 31, 2012 at 3:03 PM by Liz Pharis

Interview with one of MMASC's newest members, Ana Fernandez, Management Aide at the City of Torrence

Ana Fernandez

1.  How did you first hear about MMASC?

A management associate told me about the website and its resources. Wish I knew about it sooner!

2.  What made you join?

MMASC is the largest organization of its kind which offers a wealth of benefits to its members. I like the resources available for professional growth and the ability to network through committees.

3.  What keeps you renewing your membership?

Although I just joined and haven't needed to renew my membership, I will next year. The resources are invaluable and I enjoy reading about upcoming events and news.

4.  What’s your favorite part of being a MMASC member?

The career postings and news updates.

5.  What book is on your nightstand?

Star Wars. The movies just aren't enough for me.

6.  If you were to run for elected office, which position would seek?

Mayor. I enjoy local political structures rather than larger-scaled ones. I feel much more connected to communities and I feel a real sense of ownership.

7.  What is your best piece of career advice?

If you really want a certain position, do everything you can to attain it. I interviewed three times to get mine and I'm happy I kept my goal in mind.

8.  What’s your favorite thing to do to unwind?

I like to go for a nice, long run at the beach. After a few miles, my mind starts to wander and it's pretty relaxing. When I don't feel like running, yoga or wine are always good stand-by's. I have three dogs and a cat who also keep me entertained.

9.  What do you think is the biggest issue facing local governments?

I hate to bring this up but it seems like all local governments are challenged with doing more with less. Reorganizations, lay-offs, and employment freezes are fairly common. In Southern California, we've already seen a few bankruptcies from cities which makes the issue very real. I think it's important to keep the human element in mind when worrying about the bottom line.

10.  What would you recommend to a new MMASC Member to make the most of their membership?

Explore the MMASC website and find what works for you. Networking also helps. Find out what other people are doing and if you're interested, the MMASC website has a lot of educational or professional resources to help you along.