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League Policy Committee Updates

The League's eight policy committees are composed of city officials from around the state. Policy committees help to make League policy by reviewing legislation, suggesting broad new policy guidelines and studying key issues impacting cities. Policy committees were created by the League's Board of Directors to assist it in its policy deliberations. As a League partner, MMASC has a representative on each of the eight policy committees.

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Jul 31

Public Safety Policy Committee - 6/14/2012

Posted on July 31, 2012 at 4:14 PM by Liz Pharis

State Legislative Update

  1. SB 1468- Calderon Fireworks: Bill was amended to shorten to two years and create a study period on how the expanded use of fireworks during the holidays has impacted affected communities.  Committee moved to oppose.
  2. AB 1993- Ma- Unlicensed Drivers: If an unlicensed driver pulled over for an infraction, driver will still be cited but will no longer to have the authority to impound the vehicle and hold it for 30 days. Informational only.
Review of November 2012- Public Safety Ballot Measures
Three public safety related ballot measures will be placed before voters on the November ballot:
  1. Death Penalty Repeal:  This measure would eliminate death penalty and place a life without parole sentence.  This measure would retroactively apply to those on death row.
  2. Human Trafficking:  Increases penalties up to 15 years as well as creates mandatory registration as a sex offender.  Training program for public safety would be made mandatory.
  3. Three Strikes Law:  Repeals existing law and would only be in affect if third offense is violent.
Subcommittee Reports

  1. Emergency Response:  League Partners to host an emergency management program on high wind storms. 
  2. Realignment:  Sub Committee held a conference call on the transfer of pre-sentence inmates during overcrowding to other facilities.
  3. Technology: Electronic Proof of Insurance bill has passed the Assembly and now is now in Senate Committee.  The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released their work plan for implementing the national public safety communications spectrum auction.  
Submitted by
Mina Layba, City of Thousand Oaks