Corporate Affiliate Partners

MMASC works with associations of local government professionals including state, national, and international affiliates. 

MMASC maintains close working relationships with its Affiliate Partners. We frequently partner with our Affiliate Partners, providing professional development and educational opportunities. Our goal is to complement one another's efforts, grow our respective memberships, and share resources.

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International City/County Management Association (ICMA) is the world’s leading association of professional city and county managers and other employees who serve local governments.

ICMA’s vision is to be the leading association of local government professionals dedicated to creating and supporting thriving communities throughout the world. We do this by working with our more than 11,000 members to identify and speed the adoption of leading local government practices in order to improve the lives of residents.  ICMA offers membership, professional development programs, research, publications, data and information, technical assistance, and training to thousands of city, town, and county chief administrative officers, their staffs, and other organizations throughout the world.

  • ICMA Representative on the MMASC Board of Directors: Pat Martel, ICMA West Coast Regional Director
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Cal-ICMA is the official state affiliate for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) in California.

In 2005, California created a new model for its affiliation on a state level with ICMA. Cal-ICMA, is a collaboration of the League of Cities City Managers’ Department (CMD); the California City Managers Foundation (CCMF); the two assistants groups (MMASC and MMANC); the County CAOs; the COG Directors; along with members of the academic community and from all of the other ICMA membership categories. Cal-ICMA is the “official” state affiliate with ICMA and is inclusive of all ICMA members without creating another “organization” with a separate dues structure.

Cal-ICMA coordinates member service activities for California’s ICMA members, including: professional development and training; new member recruitment and member retention; response to “ethics issues” relating to ICMA members; and appointments to ICMA committees, task forces, and nominees for the ICMA Executive Board.

  • Cal-ICMA Representative on the MMASC Board of Directors:  Kurt Wilson, Western Riverside Council of Governments 
  • MMASC Representatives on the Cal-ICMA Board of Directors: Paolo Kespradit, City of West Hollywood, Dominique Samario, City of Murrieta
  • Representative to the Cal-ICMA Talent Development Initiative Committee: Greg Kwolek, City of Morro Bay
  • Representative to the Cal-ICMA Ethics Committee: Dominique Samario, City of Murrieta 
civicPRIDE-logoCivicPRIDE was created to advance inclusive local government by empowering LGBTQIA+ leadership.

We want to increase the number of LGBTQIA+ people serving in all areas of local government — administration, public works, parks and recreation, police, fire, planning, and others.

We also serve as a professional support network of LGBTQIA+ leaders and their straight allies who are already leaders in government who volunteer their time to speak on issues of equality within our profession.

Our goal is to inspire action, and build bridges of opportunity for everyone in government.
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The International Network of Asian Public Administrators (I-NAPA) is an organization encouraging excellence among public administrators of Asian heritage by:

  • Developing leadership of emerging leaders of Asian heritage
  • Supporting public administrators of Asian heritage as leaders
  • Providing networking opportunities
  • Providing unique resources to Asian public administrators
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Founded in 1955, the Institute for Local Government has been serving local officials’ information needs for 60 years. The Institute for Local Government (ILG) promotes good government at the local level with practical, impartial and easy-to-use resources for California communities.

MMASC and ILG have worked closely together over the past several years, continuing to collaborate on programming and provide educational workshops. MMASC is a financial contributor to ILG.

  • ILG Representative on the MMASC Board of Directors: Melissa Kuehne
  • MMASC Representative on the ILG Board of Directors: Paolo Kespradit, City of West Hollywood (3-Year Term; Expires December 2023)
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Cal Cities is an association of California city officials who work together to enhance their knowledge and skills, exchange information, and combine resources so that they may influence policy decisions that affect cities.

MMASC and Cal Cities maintain a strong partnership.  The MMASC President serves on the Cal Cities’ City Manager’s Department Executive Committee.  In addition, MMASC Members are appointed to serve on each of the Cal Cities' Policy Committees.

  • Cal Cities' Representative on the MMASC Board of Directors: Meghan McKelvey
  • MMASC Representatives on the Cal Cities' Policy Committees (2021)
    • Community Services: Alonso Ramirez, City of Ontario
    • Environmental Quality: Bryce Wilson, City of Murrieta
    • Governance, Transparency & Labor: Tanya Spiegel, City of Ontario
    • Housing, Community & Economic Development: PJ Gagajena, City of Moorpark
    • Public Safety: Peter Castro, City of Indian Wells
    • Revenue & Taxation: Paolo Kespradit, City of West Hollywood 
    • Transportation, Communication & Public Works: Izzy Murguia, City of Poway
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Municipal Management Association of Northern California (MMANC) is a membership organization of local government management professionals located throughout the 49 counties of Northern California. MMANC was formed in 1950 to address the professional needs of public management staff (Full Members are any persons employed at least half-time in administrative and/or management work for a local governmental agency in Northern California, except for the chief administrative officer of an agency or municipality). It is the oldest and one of the largest organizations of its kind in the nation.

  • MMASC Representative on the MMANC Board of Directors: Paolo Kespradit, City of West Hollywood (2022 MMASC President)
  • MMANC Representative on the MMASC Board of Directors: Monica Davis, City of Hayward (2021 MMANC President)
CAWLG Logo Transparent Background 2018 Opens in new windowWomen Leading Government (WLG) is an initiative started in November 2006 by the Cal-ICMA Preparing the Next Generation committee. Organized by female managers of California’s cities, counties, and special districts, WLG is designed to assist female managers in their career development.

ccmf logo Opens in new windowCalifornia City Management Foundation (CCMF) is the premier advocacy and support organization for City Managers. Our mission is to promote and encourage excellence in City Management in all of California’s 480+ incorporated cities and towns. Through our extensive peer network, we offer guidance, support and advice for City Managers in all stages of their careers. Working with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), we help establish ethical standards in the industry. We sponsor luncheons and conferences, provide legal advice and maintain a library of resources for our members. We do a lot of things, but above all, we foster a community of City Managers both online and off.


The City/County Management Fellowship, built upon 80 years of expertise in public administration at USC, was formed in 2006, and brings outstanding graduate students from around the world to the University of Southern California.

Only a handful of elite Fellows are selected each year to receive financial, academic and professional support from prestigious faculty, staff and practitioners in the field of city and county management.

The Fellowship is committed to building the future of city and county management in Southern California, across the U.S., and abroad.

  • MMASC Representatives on the CMF Board of Directors: Dominique Samario, City of Murrieta; Greg Kwolek, City of Morro Bay