General Sessions

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Ethical Survivor, It's Not My Fault, It's San Andreas' Fault!!!
Featured Speaker: Dave Childs, ICMA

Ethics is boring? Are you kidding? Ethics is not for the faint of heart, and that’s why you’ll need to have all your wits about you when MMASC presents their edition of “Ethical Survivor, It's Not MY Fault, It's San Andreas' Fault!!!

Join session leader, Dave Childs, as teams struggle to survive those real world ethical issues facing local government professionals. Will a 4 am tweet cause you to commit Twittercide? Do visions of FBI agents walking thru the doors of City Hall torment your dreams? Are you up to the ethics challenge? Let's take a tour of some cases where folks have "crashed and burned", learn how to inoculate our own organizations and then let's play the Southern California version of Ethical Survivor!

Our presenter, Dave Childs is a retired City Manager with over 43 years in the profession. He's an Ethics Trainer and an Organizational "Culture Coach", and he's an ICMA Past President and Life Member.

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The Role of Nonprofits and the Public Sector
Featured Speaker: John Keisler, City of Long Beach

Government can’t do it all! Complex challenges facing local governments—homelessness, unemployment, public safety—require creative partnerships. Increasingly, cities and counties are looking to non-profit partnerships to increase flexibility, share assets, and fill gaps in service delivery. This General Session will explore some exciting ways that local government can partner with non-profit organizations to leverage resources and improve results. Innovation Team Director John Keisler will talk about some new and exciting ways that the City of Long Beach has collaborated with unlikely partners to make the government work better for its residents.

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So You Want to Advance Your Career? Face Outward
Featured Speaker: Jacob Green, City of San Juan Capistrano
Most of us enter the public sector as specialists, yet we think we need to come across to others as knowing everything...and we shudder at the notion that someone will think there's something we don't know. However, to be the most effective leader, we must create powerful interdepartmental teams that can tackle challenging public sector issues that are far beyond our own scope of knowledge. The way you will succeed as a leader, and enhance your own professional growth as you acquire more responsibilities, additional employees, and your next position in city government, will involve your own recognition of the need to reach out, and rely upon, the expertise of those around you...we must face forward.

Jacob will explore the challenges, successes, and failures (yes, failures!) he has experiences through his journey of facing outward and building teams during his career working in fire departments, police departments, economic development agencies, city manager's offices, and now in his role helping the City of San Juan Capistrano City Manager create an entirely new executive team that looks outward and lifts San Juan Capistrano to new heights in a high-achieving, innovative, and team focused culture.

*Additional session to be announced soon. Check back for updated information.