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Session Information

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Keynote Presentation

Transforming Communities through Community Based Social Marketing

Presented by Stephen Groner

In order to transform communities we must learn effective communication strategies that foster lasting sustainable behavioral changes. Whether you are looking to transform into a healthier Community, a more resilient community, or even just a better version than before, creating effective messages that resonate with your community members can seem daunting but pay off in the long run. Stephen Groner will share tips on how to craft effective messages that create a call to action and inspire transformational change. He will draw on his years of experience launching successful public education campaigns that don't just educate people but inspire people to change their behavior and thereby transform communities.

Breakout Session #1

Creating Organizational Health and Culture

Presented by Grant Yates, Troy Butzlaff, and Aaron Adams

Effecting organizational transformation requires strong leadership skills and the ability to connect with employees on all levels within an organization. This engaging panel will explore ways in which leadership can help to transform an organization, improve morale, engage disengaged employees, and create stable organizations. These seasoned City Manager's will talk about their past successes and failures at helming organizational change - sharing their best practices and key takeaways.

Breakout Session #2

Livability: Transforming the Urban Fabric
Presented by Patrick West

As City Manager, it is easy to focus on what keeps you up at night. To build a great city, focus instead on what gets you up in the morning. This session focuses on livability’s guiding principles and how Managers and staff can use these livability principles to guide development and investment decisions in any city in California. Research on this subject comes from study with both the Knight and 8-80 Foundations along with Pat West’s own career. Attendees will be inspired to reimagine the urban fabric, develop city assets so they can create more livable and sustainable cities.

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General Session

Effective Project Management

Presented by Bill Statler

While it may seem like project management is the domain of the engineering staff, the fact is that management staff throughout the organization are responsible for developing and executing projects all the time, either as a member of the project team or its leader. It may be cliché, but it’s true: failing to plan is planning to fail. When projects go badly, it is due one of two causes (or a “perfect storm” combination of both): poor planning or poor implementation of the plan. This session will provide practical tips on how to better manage projects through more effective planning and follow-up execution of the plan.

Breakout Session #3

What Got You Here, Won't Get You There
Presented by Joan Kling

It may be your behavior, not your lack of technical skills that is holding you back from making that next career move. Making some minor tweets in thoughts and actions often separate the great from the good. Did you forget to say thanks? Did you take credit for someone else’s work? Did you have to add your two cents to the conversation?

This session is based on Marshall Goldsmith’s New York Times best-seller "What Got You Here Won't Get You There.” After years of coaching C-level executives, Goldsmith created a list of 20 common habits that prevent advancement to the next level. Goldsmith explains how overcoming them will open up new paths to success, be it personal or professional. The session is interactive. Attendees will identify their top two habits to stop and get “Feedforward” on how to stop those habits.

Breakout Session #4

Community Engagement in a Digital World

Presented by Kristina Ray and Mike Alvarez Cohen

The public outreach and engagement process plays a crucial role in local governments and can lead to significant positive outcomes, including a better understanding of community values and ideas, more informed residents and businesses, improved decision-making abilities for staff and elected officials, and greater public trust and confidence in local government. With technology continuing to connect people together, local governments have been increasingly utilizing social media platforms as tools for effective and inclusive community engagement. This panel discussion will evaluate current best practices and challenges in utilizing social media throughout the public engagement process.

Breakout Session #5

The Mindful Leader
Presented by Katharina Pick

Peter Drucker said: “You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first.” In today’s increasingly complex workplace this principle is ever more important. The speed of change accelerates every day, boundaries between work and home are blurred because technology makes it possible, and the pressure for organizations to adapt constantly in order to survive creates new emotional and practical challenges in the workplace. In this environment the ability to retain focus, to protect the brain from information overload, and to manage one’s emotions are essential to being effective. Mindfulness practice offers powerful ways to manage these challenges. Mindfulness provides a path toward living with greater presence. This allows us to live more deliberately and less reactively, which in turn leads to better decision-making and action. In this interactive session, participants will learn about the practice of mindfulness and how it can help them become better leaders and managers.