The Centre for Organziation Effectiveness

Mission Statement

The Centre for Organization Effectiveness is a team of organization development professionals who are dedicated to raising the caliber of leadership through competency-based education, development and consulting services. While we focus on public-sector and non-profit organizations, our cadre of consultants are equally skilled in the private sector.

Our History

The Centre is organized as a Joint Powers Authority created by the City of San Diego and the San Diego Water Authority. We are a public-sector organization ourselves.

Since our inception in 1993 we have served over 135 clients, including 40 cities, 18 county, state or federal agencies, 24 special districts, water agencies and ports, 16 non-profit organizations, 10 education or health organizations, 4 retirement systems and 23 private sector organizations.

We have delivered over 100 leadership and management academies to over 3,000 participants, primarily in the San Diego, Los Angeles, and Sacramento regions. In 2010 we are expanding our service delivery area to include the Inland Empire and other regions in California.