League Policy Committees

What are Cal Cities Policy Committees?

City officials actively debate, shape, and steer Cal Cities’ policy-making process and advocacy efforts. Over 400 officials collectively add their expertise and guidance to Cal Cities through one of seven policy committees.

The Community Services Policy Committee reviews issues related to childcare, parks and recreation, libraries, natural disaster preparation, cultural arts, and community and human services programs.

The Environmental Quality (EQ) Policy Committee reviews issues related to air, water and water quality, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), solid waste and recycling, hazardous materials, coastal issues, utilities, and wildfires. 

The Governance, Transparency, and Labor Relations Policy Committee reviews issues related to transparency, technology (open data), healthcare, elections, and political reform. Additionally, the committee oversees pensions and workers compensation reform, as well as other labor-related issues. 

The Housing, Community, and Economic Development (HCED) Policy Committee reviews issues related to general plans and zoning, housing, rent control, land use regulation, development fees, building standards, and economic development policy including redevelopment and enterprise zones. 

The Public Safety Policy Committee reviews issues related to law enforcement, fire and life safety policies, including emergency communications, and emergency services, including ambulance and disaster preparedness.

The Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee reviews issues related to finance administration, taxation reform, revenue needs, and revenue sources at the federal, state, and local levels.

The Transportation, Communications, and Public Works (TCPW) Policy Committee reviews issues related to transportation planning, technology, funding, construction, public works, telecommunications, and other related areas.

2022 Meeting Schedule

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MMASC Committee Representatives

  • Community Services: Joseph Cisneros, City of La Palma
  • Environmental Quality: Bryce Wilson, City of Murrieta
  • Governance, Transparency & Labor: Tanya Spiegel, City of Ontario
  • Housing, Community & Economic Development: PJ Gagajena, City of Moorpark
  • Public Safety: Peter Castro, City of Indian Wells
  • Revenue & Taxation: Paolo Kespradit, City of West Hollywood
  • Transportation, Communication & Public Works: Izzy Murguia, City of Poway

Summary of Existing Policy and Guiding Principles