MMASC is one of the oldest and the largest associations of its kind in the nation and is recognized by both the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the League of California Cities. The organization's over 700 members represent local governments serving an estimated 22 million residents across eight regions of Southern California. The membership is composed of City Managers, HR Directors, Analysts, Graduate Students, Interns, Executive Recruiters, Private Sector Consultants, Non-Profit Managers, County Administrators, and Special District professionals representing local governments within a nine-county area of Southern California. MMASC was formed in 1953 to address the professional needs of local government employees and their private sector counterparts.

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Please note - Membership dues increased effective January 1, 2016 for Renewing members.

Renewing Members:

Online Renewal Application
To renew online, please use this form.

*Please note - Membership dues increase effective December 1, 2015 for New members.

New Members:

*Full Members - $85 - Online Application
To join MMASC as a Full member, one must be employed in a position assisting in the management of governmental agencies in Southern California, except the Chief Administrative Officer. Assistants who work in public agencies other than municipalities are encouraged to join MMASC. This includes persons in County, State, and Federal governments; regional governments; legislative assistant positions; special districts, and other government agencies.

*Business Members - $100 - Online Application
To join MMASC as a Business member, one must be interested in promoting the purposes of MMASC and be ineligible for full membership. MMASC Business members include our corporate partners, consultants, college/university professors, and other non-government professionals.

*Student Members - $35 - Online Application
To join MMASC as a Student member, one must be a full-time student, and school must be your primary activity. Full-time employees of local governments (or other organizations) are not eligible for student membership.

Honorary Members - Free - Contact MMASC

To join MMASC as an Honorary member, one must be a Chief Administrative Officer of a municipality in the MMASC region or an MMASC past president.

Questions regarding membership: